Frequently asked questions about our company

The Company

When was Adama Spinning Factory established?

Adama Spinning Factory was established in 2006 and has started operation since July 2008.

Where is Adama spinning factory located?

Adama Spinning Factory’s head office is located in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and the factory site is located in Adama/Nazareth Ethiopia.

Does Adama Spinning Factory have any recognitions?

Yes IQNet ISO 9001 and DQS Gmbh 9001 2008.


What type of products does Adama spinning factory have?

Adama spinning factory has two type of products: Open End spinning (Rotorspun) and Ring Frame spinning (Ringspun).We also have products for the purpose of weaving and knitting. For more detail refer to our product page

Where is the source of your raw material?

Source Ethiopian ,100% raw cotton.

What is the composition of your yarn?

100% cotton