NazMed Medical textiles/NazMed/ is an integrated textile project designed and planned to produce Medical textile products mainly surgical gauze and gauze bandage products for local and export market established with an forward integration of the existing factory, Adama Spinning Factory.

NazMed includes three main integrated plants namely

Complete set of weaving plant,
Complete set of bleaching and wet processing plan including its utilities; soft water treatment, waste water treatment, boiler plants,
Complete set of bandage and gauze folding, rolling, cutting and packaging plant
The project envisages the entire production process, from yarn to the final packaged product, for the manufacture of surgical gauze and bandage, with the main objective of import substitution using a 100% cotton yarn (raw material) manufactured by Adama Spinning Factory.


Unsterilized Surgical Gauze and bandage

Production capacity NazMEd Medical Textiles

The Spinning Factory has a daily production capacity of 11 ton of 100% cotton yarn;

The medical textiles Factory which is registered trade name “NazMed Medical Textiles”, as forward integration and part of the existing spinning mill ,with the main objective of to supply unsterilized Surgical gauze and bandage,
The NazMed is composed of three integrated mill, namely complete set of weaving mill, gauze and bandage bleaching and finishing mill, rolling, cutting, folding, packaging, and labeling mills integrated with the existing Adama Spinning Factory.
Based on the attainable capacities of the these factory set up and indeed considering the unsatisfied market demand both in surgical gauze and cotton yarn, we have planned to produce and sale 770,000 gauze rolls of surgical gauze, 790,000 dozen of assorted gauze bandage and 1,807 tons of different kinds of yarn per annum for local markets.


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